The postcard on the left is one of my most prized. Dating from around 1910, it shows an older working woman in her studio (with painted backdrop) holding up a what is presumably one of her portraits of a woman.

Unfortunately the location of the studio is unknown but the card above which apparently belonged to the same person, has the notation on the back, "Pearl and Georges Studio." My guess is that this is Pearl.

Shot in a studio with a painted backdrop, this c.1910 card could be a Kodak ad. The nattily attired couple look like they're ready to set off on a journey.

I especially like the way the man is holding the camera case for the woman as she prepares to shoot. Isn't that the way it should be?
This card looks a lot like the Kodak advertising postcards in the Kodakgirls/Adpostcards section of this site. But unlike those, this card is printed on AZO postcard paper, not Velox.