Ad Postcards
Around 1910, Kodak issued a series of advertising postcards, beautifully printed on Velox paper. I have twelve of these cards in my collection and eleven of them feature women either with a camera or processing their pictures. The twelfth, two little boys returning from fishing, was supposedly taken by a woman, "Helen".

The fronts and backs of these cards were preprinted with advertising messages written in script to appear as a personal note and customized with the name and address of individual dealers. The cards were "signed" by the women, Peggy, Jane, Kate, Helen, Florence, Ann, Daisy, and in one case "The Kodak Girls".

I have no idea whether there are any more of these cards and would love to see other examples if there are. These cards are difficult to find and are prized by collectors. They are among my very favorite images of the Kodak Girl.
This card has a different back and was posted in 1913 with a message from a Scottish Kodak dealer. The "handwritten"advertising message is from Daisy. Although this postcard isn't specifically a Kodak ad, the gray border and the woman and camera appear so similar to the others, I'm including it with this series. This unusual card of a Filipino Kodak Girl is, unfortunately, not in my collection. I downloaded
it from Ebay after losing
it in the last seconds of
an auction.