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Kodak and the Lens of Nostalgia
book by Nancy Martha West with great research on Kodak Girls and early Kodak advertising:

Kodak As You Go (more of my Kodak ad collection):

Photobetty--The E-zine for Women in Photography:

Witch of Kodakery by Carole Glauber--book about the life of an early woman photographer:


Ephemera Society of America

Cupids and Cameras (a few more Valentines from my own collection)

The Best of Ephemera Links

(not a link) COLLECT PAPER or ADVERTISING? Subscribe to P.A.C. (Paper and Advertising Collector). Only $15 per year. Mail your check to:
PAC, PO Box 500, MounT Joy, PA 17552


Catching a Shadow: Women and Photography:

Women in Photography Archive curated by Peter P. Palmquist,:

Women in Photography International:


Jack and Beverly's Collections including toy cameras which really work:

Fast Food Toy links:

Doll links:


There are innumerable websites related to collecting cameras and photographica. Here are a few I've found useful. Some have very extensive lists of links to other interesting sites.

Antique and Classic Camera Website

The Brownie Camera Page

Chris Eve's Kodak Camera Collection

Jack and Beverly Collection of Collections

Kurt Tauber's Kameramuseum
(click on "English Links"

Marti's Camera Room

The Camera Collection Ring

Walker Mangum's Kodak Collector's Page