Kodak Catalogs

In 1889 Kodak issued its first annual equipment catalog and soon after began to use color lithographs on their covers. In 1904, the first cover appeared with a woman holding a camera. In 1908 and for many years through the 1920's, the catalog covers prominently featured a woman with camera. Many of the same catalog cover images also appeared as magazine ads, posters and on film wallets. The annual Kodak catalog was about 5" x 7" and contained 64 pages.

In addition Kodak published pocket catalogs, about 3" x 5" and 32 pages, many of which also featured women photographers on their covers in color. The covers of the Kodak catalogs are coveted by collectors and therefore have unfortunately often been separated from the body of the catalog which contained detailed pictures, descriptions, and prices of all the latest Kodak equipment. For Premo, Hawkeye, Seneca, and Graflex catalog covers, please see the Ephemera section of this site. These companies, all located in Rochester, N.Y., were eventually acquired by Kodak.