My collection contains only a few female figurines with cameras and one is a bear. If you have any others you would like me to include on this page, please email a JPEG and I would be happy to add it--credited of course.

To see  figures which were sold as toys, please look at the toy section of this site.
This  Victorian lady photographer,
2 3/4" tall, was created by Sebastian Miniatures in 1989.

The Massachusetts company has crafted hand-painted miniature figurines based on American themes for over 60 years.
This tiny 2 1/4"  porcelain figurine is my favorite figurine. Her delicate face contrasts with her serious camera which is open and ready for action. "Germany" is impressed into her side  but no manufacturer's name. If anyone out there is familiar with this maker,  please let me know.
Vintage salt and pepper shakers made in Japan.
Christmas light bulb from the 40's described as "Girl With Camera" in the definitive bulb collectors' reference. Hey, they oughta know.
This Enesco "Lucy and Me" bear from 1981 has a matching male counterpart.